✓ Creative Consultancy

Whether your business is well established or an SME I would be privileged to consult with your enterprise in order to help achieve your objectives. Often a fresh pair of eyes can bring a new dimension into the mix and lead to an imaginative but realistic solution.

✓ Events Management

If you have an event, no matter how big or small, I am available to manage this or to consult to enhance the experience. I have worked on some of the largest international events on the planet in both the public and private sectors. 

✓ China Business Consultancy

If your business is considering engaging with China either for a one-off project, feasibility or long term plan then I will be able to help you navigate this minefield.  I first travelled to China in 1988 and in 2004  I moved to Shanghai and been actively doing business there for 16 years. I am well versed in the layout of this huge land having been to 30 of the 33 provinces governed by the PRC, giving me extensive knowledge, network and connections across multiple business sectors.

✓ Production Management

Having worked on huge international productions in entertainment I can delivered the desired results on schedule.   In manufacturing and export, I have selected and negotiated with factories and suppliers within budget and on time. Key to this process are constant quality control and building strong relationships.

✓ International Business Development

Asia Specialist

If you are a business looking to expand into another region of the world, then I would be able to help you achieve your company's aims and objectives with the upmost professionalism and integrity..  This could range from bringing your brand or product into market to setting up a foreign enterprise to seeking inward investment capital etc. 

✓ Client Liaison

Experienced in working with individual people, VIPs, celebrities and high strata corporate personnel, I have the ability to liaise with your clients on behalf of your company for a beneficial outcome with professionalism and integrity.

✓ Project Management

If there is a project that you wish a professional to undertake so that you can focus on other key issues then please contact me to discuss further.

✓ Sustainable & Carbon Reduction Tourism & Mobility

I am passionate about doing my part for the environment and my sphere of influence would be in the adventure tourism sector however I see huge potential in revolutionising Urban Mobility. Goal: Cleaner, Faster & Cheaper Travel for all.